Hot Drink Has More Salt Than The Sea

It was on the radio this week that Galaxy Ultimate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate powder has more salt in it than sea water!
It contains 0.6g per serving which is a lot more than the recommended intake.
I’ve spoken a few times about salt in the past.
The last time I mentioned it as being good.
Is this still the case?
Yes it is but it’s got to be in the right amount and the right type
This article is also here on the bbc website:
The main thing I got from it is despite what they’re told the big food companies don’t really give a crap and make their own rules up!
They ignore attempts to make foods healthier and keep churning out nutritionally void processed foods.
The chief suspects which contained too much unhealthy salt along with hot chocolates were:
– Tinned vegetables 
– Tinned soups
– Crisps
– Sauces
It’s evident that the food manufacturers will keep digging their heals in so it is up to you to take control of your diet.
Basic rule is to buy as little things with an ingredient list as possible! You won’t go far wrong with that advice.
It all again comes down to the quick, easy, convenience foods which is making us fat, unhealthy and eventually killing us off earlier than we should be!
It’s a messed up world and you have to take control, not just for you, for your family, friends and loved ones.
Make some time each week to cook some decent meals.
If you want to find out how to use salt effectively and what the best type to buy is then you may need to join my growing revolution of Jamie Stedman clients.
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