How Much Progress Have You Made This Year?

Okay lets think back to January.
After the big Christmas blowout many of you come January 1st or a week or two later once the christmas chocolates were finished will have started to look ahead to 2019.
Doesn’t seem long ago does it? Well you know what thy say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ it also flies when you wish your time away and live for 5pm or the weekend in my opinion (let’s life in the present a bit more and enjoy life).
But those new year goals you set were 4 months away which means we’re a third of the way through the year.
Okay so if weight loss was your goals, let’s say you wanted to lose 3 stone in 2019.
So you should be 1/3rd on the way to hitting that goal e.g. you should have lost one stone.
We can say excuses like birthdays, Easter etc. but if you haven’t made any progress by now it’s a pretty good assumption to say you’re unlikely to make much more progress the rest of the year.
If you’re on course then good for you, brilliant!
In today’s busy world there rarely is a perfect time to start making changes, you’ll wait forever for it. Sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet and get stuck in to making some positive changes, there’ll be setbacks and yes for sure Easter, birthdays, holidays make it harder but they can still be successfuly maneuvered.
Many people aren’t ready for change, unfortunately many people will never change.
If you’re reading this then you’re someone who is a bit more prepared to change even if things aren’t working at the moment.
Don’t know where to start?
Cook a healthy meal, drink 2 litres of water today, go for a walk …
There’s plenty of achievable things you can do to make yourself feel better.
If you want some more structured help then fill out this form and don’t be another statistic of the failed New Year’s resolution club:
Have a good day,
Jamie Stedman


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