How To Avoid Being Like Most Other People

Good news, I’m on the recruitment hunt!
I’m after some motivated people who want to get a bit fitter, a bit healthier and feel a hell of a lot better.
Could you benefit from extra fitness, health and feelings of well being?
Being fit and healthy these days unfortunately isn’t the norm.
Most people now are (or at least will be in 10 years time):
– Overweight
– Have low energy levels
– Get through the day on sugar, caffeine and alcohol in the evenings
– Nutritionally deficient
– Ill every few weeks
– Sleep deprived
How can that apply to the majority of our population? It’s ridiculous how we’ve let ourselves go this much.
It’s frightening.
I know with my job I’ll never be able to change the masses but what I can do is change the health and lives of many people in my area which for now is good enough for me.
I’ve got some spaces opening in my small group training group.
Here’s what you get:
– 1 or 2 sessions a week (costing £10 each) for 12 weeks (with a view to continuing)
– Sessions focus on improving CV fitness, muscle strength, core strength
– Challenging and also fun group setting with people of similar ability
– Set in my private quiet fitness studio
– My PRIMARY nutrition plan to help you lose weight/reach your target weight
– Access to private members only facebook group to receive food diary feedback, nutritional support and exercise hints and tips
– 12 week home workout guide to compliment the sessions you’re doing with me
– 14 day detox course to boost your health and prime your body for weight loss
Since I’ve been running these sessions I’ve seen some serious results. They are fun and they really do work, for those of you who feel bored or even daunted by gyms then this is the alternative. I’ll show you how to enjoy exercise.
Slots currently available:
– Monday 7:30am (2 slots)
– Monday 9:05am (2 slots)
– Tuesday 5:30pm (1 slot)
– Tuesday 6:15pm (1 slot)
– Wednesday 8am (3 slots)
– Wednesday 11:30am (3 slots)
– Thursday 7:30am (3 slots)
– Friday 8:30am (2 slots)
Either reply to this message or get in touch via 07815509874 / to let me know which slots you can make and I’ll let you know how to get started right away.
Don’t be like the masses!
Jamie Stedman


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