How To Easily Undo Your Progress (On The Weekend)

Hello hello,
People are now finally starting to accept that the holiday period is over and it’s time to knuckle down and get back to real life.
The Christmas chocolates have been eaten or palmed off to someone else and it’s time to get back to concentrating on hitting your goal (usually get a bit fitter and lose a bit of timber).
So week in week out I see well meaning clients, family and friends make the same mistakes which undo a lot (sometimes all) of their hard work.
The following is linked to weight loss, if you’re someone who isn’t fussed on their weight and just like exercising then keep riding the treadmill, this doesn’t really apply to you.
Also as a side not and to be up front with you, the reason I write this is because I often make the same mistakes myself.
Does this sound familiar?
Monday – A new week, hit an exercise class and have a healthy day of eating
Tuesday – You’re well prepared and have a nice healthy lunch and dinner and you get another workout in
Wednesday – You’re starting to feel pretty good, another healthy day
Thursday – The weekend is coming, go to your exercise class but reward yourself with a couple of biscuits at work as it’s nearly the weekend and your diet has been ‘on point’ for 3 whole days now!
Friday – Happy with your exercise for the week you count down the hours until the end of the work day, take away and a couple of beers/glasses of wine. The weekend has arrived
Saturday & Sunday – Anything goes, it’s the WEEEKEND! Wine, beer,biscuits, meals out, take aways.
Monday – You feel so bloated and sluggish from the weekend. A new week, hit an exercise class and have a healthy day of eating.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Week in week out.
I’m all for chilling out a bit on the weekend but it is so damn easy to undo all of your weight loss progress throughout the week on the weekend. You have to create a calorie deficit of 3500 to burn a pound of fat off, that takes not far off a week to do if you’re following a sensible healthy eating plan – 3500 calories is also around the number contained in a large pizza from your favourite take away!
Have your share of ‘off plan’ foods but plan it a little better.
Pick maybe a 2 hour window on a Saturday and/or a Sunday have your fill without going crazy and then get back to it.
A good strategy is to eat healthily all through the day on Saturday,have what you like Saturday evening, fast through Sunday morning with loads of water and then get back to it. Have your Sunday dinner and pile up the veggies. This way you can enjoy the nicer stuff and it won’t ruin your results every week.
You will actually start to see progress!
If you want to see even faster progress then why not join my mini health and fitness revolution in Llanelli, like new member Gareth who has lost over 10lbs in his first two weeks on plan. Just hit reply and let me know what you need help with.
Have a good week and a healthy weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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