How To Finally Break Away From Your Carb Cravings

When I try to  teach people how to change their eating habits the main sticking point usually comes around one food group.
You guessed it!
Oh we do love carbs in the UK.
Bread, biscuits, chocolate, pasta, potatoes, cake all of it!
People genuinely believe that they can’t live without it.
Did you know that it has been scientifically proven now to eat a bowl of soup without dipping bread in it 😉 ?
Carbs does get a bad name though which is sort of unfair. Just like fats and proteins it is a food group that we need.
Cutting out carbs completely is not a good plan in the long term – controlling your carb intake however is key to a healthy body and losing weight.
Good carbs are good, bad carbs are very bad.
They lack nutrition, they stimulate our appetite and make us overeat. This in turn leads to excess calories and weight gain.
Quick run through, good carbs:
  • Rice (brown/basmati)
  • Potatoes (white/sweet)
  • Quinoa
  • Beans
  • Root vegetables (carrots, swede, parsnips)
  • Fruit (lower sugar ones like berries vs bananas and grapes)
Bad carbs:
  • Cake
  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Crisps
  • Booze
If you eat sensible portions of the good and keep the bad stuff to a minimum then you can FINALLY get control of your weight.
The problem with the bad carbs is the higher sugar content stimulates the brain and leaves us wanting more. As there is so little nutrients in them then we want more and more without our brain telling us they’re full.
In 6 years in the industry I’ve heard on numerous times:
‘I just wanted a couple of crisps then had the whole bag’
‘I was just going to have one biscuit the had them all’
I’m yet to hear:
‘I made two boiled eggs for breakfast but then got a taste for them and ate 12’
I live in hope though.
You see the eggs fill you up, the crisps don’t.
The more processed/refined carbs we eat the more we crave them.
They key really is to not start eating them.
Many people are all or nothing in their approach, if you try and dip in and out they end up eating too much.
Unfortunately there is no magic formula you just need to get the following right:
1. Healthy food shop with the right foods 
2. Plan and prepare your meals so you don’t get stuck and end up snacking/having a sandwich
3. Eat wholesome foods to fill you up and stop snacking
4. Make nicer meals on the weekend and enjoy them (even if they do have some of the bad carbs)
5. Do some exercise to allow you to have more carbs if you love them 
Sorry to say but it’s not too exciting it just takes a little planning and some willpower.
It’s time to snap out of your habits.
This year I’ve introduced my Habit coaching system into my Revitalise training plan to help clients change their wicked ways!
It’s all included in the package below along with details of how you can get in on the actions and finally take control of your diet and therefore your health and happiness.
Jamie Stedman

Groups of 3-5 people, a great place to meet likeminded people and have fun while you train.
Groups running throughout the week Monday-Saturday (mornings/days/evening)
What you get:
  • Initial consultation and lifestyle screening
  • 2 x 45 min sessions a week with Jamie or one of the coaches
  • Body and nutrition analysis
  • Fun workouts where every exercise has a purpose
  • A great and relaxed atmosphere to train at
  • Digital copy of Jamie’s cookbook ‘Eat Yourself To Health – 100 Recipes’ as well as accompanying meal plan and guide to help you stick to your plan
  • Weekly food diary feedback
  • Access to member only facebook group
  • 14 Day Detox Plan to improve your health and prime your body for weight loss (if that’s your goal)
  • Discounted weekly slimming club where you get nutrition plan, educational book and 4 x recipe books
  • Discounted sports massage and supplements
  • Starter pack (Water bottle & bag)
  • Online program to carry on in your own time
  • Discounted and priority access to coaching workshops
  • Constant support from your very own personal trainer
For the first 8 weeks and if you decide to stay (most do) £94 a month.
(2 sessions a week)
If you aren’t quite sure if it’s for you or you have some questions then fill out this form and I’ll be in touch to talk you through it


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