How To Get More Bang For Your Buck From Your Diet

The summer is now in full flow and people are trying desperately to get that beach body they desire.
Double (sometimes triple) exercise classes, various fad diets pop up. Fitness DVD sales will be back up. I mean I don’t want to be a pessimist but I’d put a few quid on it won’t last.
There’s a much easier and better way of doing it and getting healthier whilst losing a few pounds en route.
You see with my eating plan you don’t need to do hours of exercise and you certainly don’t need to starve yourself or live off those ghastly shakes!
Check this out, it’s a day on my eating plan:
Breakfast – Greek yoghurt, berries and a small handful of nuts
Lunch – Bacon & Spinach 3 egg omelette
Dinner – Steak, spinach and a small sweet potato jacket
Snacks – boiled egg – celery stick (tasty ;-)) – chicken drumstick
How many calories do you think that is?
Less than 2000 kcal (3000 kcal in a large dominoes meaty pizza btw) and you can eat all of that food and enjoy it.
If that sounds good to you and you’d prefer to eat like that rather than on shakes, bars and cabbage soup then join me on my little revolution.
All the details of each particular pathway is below:
Have a think,
Jamie ‘Simplicity’ Stedman
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