How To Strengthen Your Lower Back – Part 3

Okay third and final part of the lower back pain series. If you missed the first two then click below:

Part 1 – Causes & Symptoms

Part 2 – How To Stretch Your Lower Back

Okay so as promised I’m going to give you some exercises to help strengthen your lower back and also your core. These exercises alongside the stretches you’ve learnt and maintaining good posture should help in recovery from back problems and helping to prevent more in the future.

Strengthening the back, stomach and legs will help support your spine. Your back and abdominal muscles provide the strength to keep your body upright and to allow it to move. If your core (lower back and abs) muscles are in poor condition more stress is applied to the spine which causes back problems.

Why you should strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles:ID-100215418

  • Reduces chances of lower back pain problems
  • Reduces the pain associated with back problems
  • Aids the recovery process from a back problem
  • Improves your posture
  • Protection against injury

I just want to point out that if your back problems are more severe then some of these exercises won’t be appropriate just yet. Start small with things like walking and good posture and build it up.

In the interest of keeping the articles short I haven’t gone into a great deal of detail on the description and technique of some of the exercises. The best thing to do if you’re unsure over any is to type it into youtube and watch the video.

Okay so here is what we’ve got:

Aerobic Exercise – This can help a great deal. Walking, cycling whatever you choose. Swimming is also great. This will get you moving and the blood pumping around the body.

Pilates – This class is great for improving core strength. Plus the added value of a qualified instructor to help you. I attend a pilates class once a week and find it great.

Abdominal Exercises including ball sit ups, pelvic tilt, plank hold, partial crunches (knees bent, feet flat and raise the shoulders),

Back Exercises:

Prone Arm/Leg Raises – Lie on your stomach with arms outstretched. Raise and lower each limb, one at a time. Start with 5 of each limb.

Arm/Leg Raises – Same as the above exercise but this time your starting position is on all fours.

Cat Curls – On all fours. Go from neutral position to rounding the back towards the ceiling, hold for 50-10s then return to neutral. Now you arch the back and hold for 5-10s before returning to neutral.

Exercise Ball Back/Hyper Extensions

Glute Bridges/ Hip Thrusts are a great exercise to do as well.

Also I want to say you shouldn’t just stretch or do these exercises when you are having trouble. Try and stay on top of these and include them in your weekly routine.

I think that’s going to be enough to be getting started.

A balanced training program should include cardio work, full body muscular resistance exercises, core work and stretching.

Hope this 3 part series has helped.

Any questions please comment below.

Say goodbye to lower back pain!

Jamie Stedman

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