How Will Your Summer Go?

So the nice weather is here!
I’ve seen a different mood around since the sun came out for this first time.
Some are loving it and the legs are out!
Some aren’t enjoying it so much and want to shut themselves away.
For me summer is the best time of year. I admittedly love wearing as little clothing as possible, getting a bit of a tan and spending as much time outdoors as I can.
I love it! It just makes me feel so much better.
I don’t speak for the masses though.
It’s the most uncomfortable time of the year for some unfortunately:
– Feeling extra warm and uncomfortable due to the excess weight
– Hiding sweat patches
– Too embarrassed to take jumper/t-shirt/trousers off
– Not feeling confident enough with body to go in the pool
– Feeling too breathless to go for long walks or play with the kids/grandkids
That doesn’t sound good to me.
Your options:
1. Hide away under the giant umbrellas or locked away in your house 
2. Do something about it!
What say you?
Hopefully you’re leaning towards 2.
I mean don’t get me wrong, 2 is the option which take a little more work but man is it worth it!
How much more enjoyable will your summer be if you don’t have to worry about the list above?
You don’t have to follow a ridiculous diet or torment yourself for hours on the treadmill. There’s a better way, and I just so happen to know it.
To get you started try challenging yourself to an activity session 2-3 times a week (walk, jog, cycle, swim, yoga, gym) and start thinking a bit more about your nutritional habits.
If you want my help then these are how I can do it?
1. Diet Only slimming club for those who don’t fancy exercising (£25 every 4 weeks)
2. Small group personal training (£40 a month)
3. One-one training (The full package with all of the trimmings is £250 a month and covers all sessions, diet plans, supplements, sports massage and unlimited support from me, the real deal)
If you want more info just reply and let me know what you need.
To get yourself started filling out this quick form may well be the first step towards a happier you (for life):
Stop hiding,
Jamie Stedman
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