How Would This Make You Feel?

I love my exercise.
Whether I’m running or in the gym I train hard.
Intensity is high, I sweat and sometimes even make some grunting noises! That’s how I like to train and I do enjoy it
When I first became a PT I thought that everyone wanted/needed to train as hard as me, they wanted to get fit and training hard gets you there quicker right?
Sort of but not necessarily
What I soon realised is that not all clients were enjoying the sessions or the beastings I was giving them
I quickly changed my style, every client is different and needs a different approach
Some clients love a beasting whereas others respond better to a well thought out high intense but low risk and low impact session
Seeing the need for this has made me a much better trainer
My clients work hard, they have a hectic family life, a lot of them are stressed out sometimes, so if they knew they had an absolute beasting to look forward to at the end of their stressful day how do you think they’d feel?
Can’t wait or can’t be asked? The latter it will be eventually.
That’s why I train smart with my clients and every day is different. I know a workout to suit them whether their stressed, energetic, shattered, injured, distracted etc. Sometimes I’ll even tell them not to train and they have an option of a massage instead
What inspired me to write about this topic is I was at the gym the other day and while I was stretching off at the end of my session I had a little look at what one of the personal trainers there was doing.
He was doing bear crawls with a lady, the lady didn’t look very fit, she looked quite new to exercise and was a little overweight.
He was filming her bear crawl in a packed gym to the point of falling to the floor because she couldn’t do anymore.
Starting exercise can be a daunting thing for many people and seeing this sort of stuff would be a big turn off for some and back up what they think about exercise.
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Jamie ‘Time and a place’ Stedman
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