I Need Greens (I’m A Little Broken)

So Monday afternoon I returned from Reading music festival.
I went on Wednesday so I had 5 days sleeping in my £18 pop up tent (which didn’t pop up).
I’m 5 ft 7 so hardly the tallest and I couldn’t even straighten my legs to sleep in it, chuck in the seeping condensation onto your head through each night along with my broken zip which meant I had no door meant that my sleep was severely disrupted last week.
Mix in more alcohol than I’ve drunk all year and some pretty nutritionally void food I’m feeling a little run down and up against it this week.
Most importantly though I had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed (another good thing is I walked/danced over 40 miles during the festival!)
After two nights of sleep in an actual bed I’m starting to feel myself again but I predict it’ll take all week.
My lifestyle at the festival was a little extreme but some people do not far off this all day every day:
– Sleep less than 6 hours a night
– Not eat a single fruit or vegetable/very little
– Eat processed foods (pizza, chips, burgers)
– Not drink enough water
– Don’t do any exercise 
I’ve been feeling awful just for a few days, a cough, bad throat, fatigue and I’ve already had enough.
But like I said some people feel like this all the time, how do you get anything done?
My answer to feeling better is prioritising for the next few days:
– Sleep
– Water 
– Vegetables (especially those beautiful lovely green ones)
– Good quality protein
– Exercise (when I’m ready)
You should do the same if you’re feeling a bit like me after the bank holiday.
I don’t regret it was it was a few days of the year, Snowden marathon is at the end of october for me so it’s time to refocus and jump back on the healthy horse!
That’s all for today, I’m going back to bed 😉 (Just kidding)
Jamie Stedman
To join me and the gang and learn how to change how you feel for good then all the details you need are on my website www.personaltrainerllanelli.co.uk
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