I Need Your Help

Every so often I do a little Q and A article from readers who send me their questions about health, lifestyle, diet, fitness or anything related.
I’m after more and more questions. To make this Q and A thing a more regular article (and hopefully eventually it will be turned into a podcast with guest speakers in the future).
So I need your help.
If there’s anything you’ve been struggling with or you have a question you want answered by an expert such as myself (in some things) then just reply to this message and they will soon be put together into a post. 
Don’t be a stranger, it’s also good to know that you are out there reading and I’m not talking to myself!!
Okay so I have had a couple of questions which I’m going to go through today quickly which have been sent in or asked in training:
Simone: ‘How long should I spend on the treadmill, I currently do 40 mins, I’ve built it up from 20 mins. I am trying to lose weight’
Thanks Simone. Well done for building up your fitness and doing something good for your health by trying to lose weight. The Answer isn’t necessarily doing more and more on the treadmill as there’s only so much time in the day. If you enjoy your running and want to keep doing it then  you could try shorter faster runs to get increased benefit without having to spend so long on the treadmill. It’s also important that you’re eating healthy and doing some form of resistance training to work the muscles a different way to you do during running.
Maria: ‘Should I have breakfast before training in the morning?’
This is a good question and the bottom line is everyone is different. Some people can happily train on an empty stomach, eating before an early morning session could lead to feelings of sickness during training depending on what you eat. It’s also dependent on the type of training, I would say if you’re just doing a normal 30-60 min workout you can do it on an empty stomach (fasted exercise linked with good results for fat loss). Any longer sessions e.g. a long run/cycle or a heavy longer weights session then I would try and eat before. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit and a few nuts. Trial it and see.
Okay that’s all for now folks!
Catch you in a few days and please please please send me your questions 🙂
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