I Won!!

I’ve pushed this article up a few places as it’s hot off the press.
I must admit I’m a pretty modest guy.
I’m happy with a simple life (as long as I can get a few holidays every year to let my adventurous side out).
I work with awesome people every day, I teach them how to exercise, why to exercise, how to eat healthy and why to eat healthy.
I train most days, a mix of running or strength training.
I have a nice home life with my girlfriend, we eat healthy, watch Dexter (or some form of boxset) after work and have a few treats on the weekend.
I get on with people, I don’t look for conflict. It’s much easier.
That’ll do for me.
A healthy, happy life. How would you rate yours?
As I said I’m pretty modest but today I get to have a little brag.
Running is my passion, I fell out of love with it for about 12 months last year until this summer but I’ve been slowly getting back into it the last few months.
I’m reasonably good, nothing special, top 10% kinda guy. I try to better myself more than worry about finishing positions.
Anyway last Sunday I entered the Swansea Epic 10k Trail race run in Penllergaer woods Swansea, it was an awesome event. Full of ups and down and more ups, and ups and avoiding tree branches, ditches. That sort of race, really good fun.
Miraculously I came out on top, took the first prize (600 entrants). My greatest achievement to date in running since I started when I was 10. I don’t do as much as I could, or as much as other runners.
It’s a part of my life, it’s not my life. 
But I have been consistently working my backside off for the last few years and have been steadily improving and last Sunday was my little spot in the limelight, my big success. All my work had paid off.
Am I just bragging or is there a reason to me telling you this?
Of course there is, you see so many of us exercise for a few weeks or eat healthy for a few weeks and don’t immediately see the results and give up.
We don’t have the patience and we want results now.
In life the best results don’t go overnight, they take a while to build up. You’ll have good days, you’ll have bad days but you need to keep sight of the clear goal.
Whatever goal yours is then you need to keep working towards it, step by step, you’ll get there if you’re just patient. 
With my clients I help them reach their goals at the right pace. Does that mean results are slow?
Nope, if they buy into it then you can see results straight away.
Step over here to get started:
Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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