I’m Back

So I’m back from the USA.

If you didn’t know I’ve been there for the last 7 weeks.

Travelled through 26 states! Which I found was 6-7  times more than most Americans have travelled through.

What did I learn?

What happens in Vegas stays in…. Joking (kind of)nirots FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In all seriousness the main thing I learnt is that people are guilty of working too much. Just remember why we work? We do it so we can enjoy our lives.

Some people (me at times) forget about the latter and just do the work.

I’m not saying everyone needs to go jetting off for two months but I would definitely reccommend drawing a line between work and home life. A lot of people take their work home which has a massive effect on family life, relationships, mood, stress levels, weight/appearance and ultimately health.

We all need time off to chill out and destress. Book a holiday, go on a weekend away, have a spa day, even walk the dog. Just find something you can do to help you relax and enjoy the moment without thinking about deadlines and money.

So did I learn anything else?

Americans do thoroughly enjoy peanut butter… with pretty much everything.

Americans enjoy the Welsh accent nearly just as much!

I learnt that when you go on holiday you don’t have to put on 1-3 stone.

I was away for 7 weeks, am I in as good a shape now as when I left? No.

Could it have been worse? Absolutely.

I drank, I ate crap, I had days of limited activity.

But, I did some damage limitation.

Cut out bread and had low carb meat and salad meals for lunch.

Aimed for a high fat/protein breakfast or I skipped it altogether.

Managed to fit in mini 5-20 min workouts whenever I could.

The trip also included some hikes which was awesome. One of my favourite moments of the trip was a 12 mile hike through the grand canyon amidst some serious heat!! Was pretty mind blowing.

So the trip has done me good you’ll be pleased to know.

I’m back and fully motivated to help push business along and continue providing you with FREE hopefully helpful health and fitness info which you can apply to your lives.

So remember make some times to enjoy life.

You only get one (Personal opinion)

Jamie ‘Back To Work’ Stedman

PS If you’re looking to now start a personal training package with me please leave me a comment or drop me an email.


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