I’m Off To China – 5164 Steps

Hey there,

Hope you’re all doing good!

It’s Friday, I’m up early for work.

I’ve just got a light day of training today. Going to go for an easy 20 minute jog later this morning and do a bit of stretching and foam rolling.

I’m doing Llanelli half marathon on Sunday you see.

It’s the third time I’ve done it and I’m hoping for a personal best (and some good weather).

This race is just a stepping stone on the way to this summer’s main event.

As you may have heard I’m going to China in May.

On the 21st of May I have (stupidly according to my mum) entered the Great Wall Of China Marathon.

It’s one of the toughest marathons in the world!

Me being me I wanted to do something different and very memorable as my first marathon (I’ve also entered Amsterdam marathon which is in October). In this marathon, which takes place on the great wall I will have to combat the usual 26.2 miles plus heat, altitude and a whopping 5164 steps!!

I honestly can’t wait. It’s going to be an amazing experience which will hopefully live with me forever.

I’m doing this as a personal challenge but another reason is to raise some money for Cancer Research UK.

I’ve lost a couple of family members to Cancer and I just want to do my little bit in an attempt to fight this horrific life taking disease. I’ve set myself a target of £1000 to raise which I’m really hopeful of getting.

While writing this I’m currently on £256 which is 1/4 of the way there.

If you were interested in seeing my page and sponsoring me here is the link, I would really appreciate it and all the money is going to a good cause. If you aren’t in a position to sponsor then just sharing this post/page will help:


You can also donate via text

You can do this by texting XXTS53 with the amount (£amount) to 70070

When signing up for this I must admit I wasn’t 100% into this long distance running malarkey. I thought it was okay and quite enjoyed it.

But by signing up for this I’ve obviously had to up my running and I can honestly say I love it now. I’m so motivated by it and I want this marathon to just be the start of my long distance running career. I’m hooked.

So have a think about something you might want to do, maybe even do the sport relief mile or race for life and see what it starts. You may look back in 25 marathons time and see that little 5k as the start of it all!

What’s your goal?

Jamie Stedman


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