Is It Worth Giving Up Alcohol For A Month?

Apologies that I’m a little late with this topic for this month.
October sees many people attempt to go Sober for October.
Unfortunately by this point already I’m sure many have tried, failed and given up by now!
I love initiatives like this, it does have varying levels of success. For some, going a month without alcohol/cigarettes/junk  food can be the kickstart for kicking the habit for good and giving their health a massive boost.
The problem with this sort of thing is PEOPLE. 
Let’s say Mary wants to give up alcohol for a month, she usually has 1 glass of wine every night with dinner and a couple more on weekends.
The first week, she smashes it. No wine whatsoever, she’s even starting to feel better.
Bring on the second Saturday, has a rubbish day and ends up drinking a bottle of wine with her partner.
So she’s failed in her target of no alcohol for October.
What does she do:
A. Carry on with the challenge, call it a blip and see if she can go to the end of the month
Or B (usually the most popular choice)
B. Accept she’s failed and carry on having her daily wine!
Option A is a million times better.
We are humans, we get led astray by moments of weakness and naughty friends and family members, we aren’t perfect and I don’t think we really want to be either.
What we need is consistency and a strong mindset.
I was reading an article on the bbc website (which you can find below) about whether there is any benefit from giving up booze for a month.
The article found that people who did it experienced:
– less snoring
– better sleep
– better concentration
– weight loss
– improved liver function
– more energy
Hands up who wants that?
Occasional drinking is fine, why not try and save it for the occasions, your body will thank you.
Christmas period is on the horizon which means non stop evening out and partying! As well as it leading to excess weight gain if you aren’t careful come January you will be feeling crap!
There’s a couple of months until Christmas so why not see what healthy changes you can make before then, doing so will lead to you feeling so much better over the holiday period (and still have your mince pies and prosecco!).
If you want to get exercising before Christmas then I still have space in my groups, they’re just £10 a session. Hit reply and snap up one of the last few remaining places to start this year.
Have a healthy sober weekend!
Jamie Stedman
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