Is Running Good For Weight Loss?

In my experience running tends to be the form of exercise that everybody wants to be able to do.
It seems as if it’s the definition of fitness to some.
I’m a runner, I’ve run in some shape or form since I was 10 and still do it to this day. I’ve done 3 marathons and 7 half marathons to date. I do it as a hobby and a chance to let my competitiveness out.
Not for weight loss.
Since I have upped my running the last two years I have noticed:
– More aches and pains
– More injuries
– LessĀ energy
– More ‘clickiness’ in the joints
Not great! I still do it though as I must admit I do love it a bit and it’s my favourite form of exercise. I am however cutting down my distance and going to concentrate on shorter races to try and prolong my career and not pick up too many injuries from pounding the road.
Most of the time I weight less than 10 stone. I am light and am suffering the above problems, think about the pressure that is coming on the joints and lower extremities (thousands of times per run) for people a lot heavier than me.
If you are thinking about running then ask yourself ‘why do I want to run?’ before you start.
It does not have to be for everyone and it isn’t.
There are so many other (safer) ways of getting fitterĀ and helping you to lose weight than running.
You do burn a massiveĀ  amount of calories when running no doubt about it, it will help your weight loss attempts but I really wouldn’t put it at forefront of your training.
It’s all the rage now to sign up for a half marathon, don’t get me wrong it’s brilliant and so good to see people who don’t usually exercise of all shapes and sizes putting on their shoes and completing the run. BUT again if it’s just purely for weight loss then just do some high intense low impact exercise like my clients do at my studio (and stay injury free).
If you want to look after your joints and get fitter without having to pound the roads or treadmills then drop me a message and I can show you the starting steps.
Jamie ‘No Shin Splints’ Stedman
PS I currently can’t run for the rest of the year as I pulled a muscle in my leg, running….
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