Is Your Diet Helping The Planet Or Harming It?

Scientists now say that a ‘Flexitarian’ diet is key to feeding the world in a warming world.
It’s quite clear to see that we are slowly (or not so slowly according to recent news) destroying our planet through our wide range of reckless activities.
Pollution, climate change and water scarcity is quite the worry.
Scientists are saying that eating mainly plant based foods is one of 3 key steps towards a sustainable future for our planet. The vegan revolution! 😉
Farming practices need to improve and food waste needs to be halved.
Food waste these days is ridiculous, it’s something which I hate (not just because I’m greedy and eat everything). I see and hear of households throwing away probably the equivalent of hundreds of pounds worth of food every year, a complete waste of money and again our insatiable appetites are increasing the strain on our world.
Our mass production of food increases pollution, climate change and depletes our freshwater.
We are a growing population and we are living longer which means it’s only going to get worse.
What do the scientists say about food?
Basically, to eat less meat as this causes the most strain from our food system.
Consume a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables and limit your consumption of meat.
Sensible? Yeah I’d say so.
I’ma bit meat eater but I’d say we probably do eat too much of it (definitely too much of the cheap processed stuff) so a more Mediterranean diet approach isn’t a bad idea.
Over-consuming protein can be bad for your health and I (and clients) sometimes have a meat free day to aid digestion and give our body a little break. This helps with weight loss, we can only consume so much protein anyway so in a Protein mad world (shakes, bars and even Mars bars) it’s another example of us over-consuming.
Take home points, become a veggie?
No, that’s obviously up to you.
What I suggest though is you do take a good look at your shopping and eating habits and work out how much money you’re wasting each week and how much you’re harming your health.
Doing so can make you richer and healthier, not bad right?
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I can’t promise to get you richer just yet!
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
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