It’s Been A Busy Few Days

I’m happy to be back to my usual routine after a great but busy few days.
It was the big 28th birthday last Thursday, went to Eastbourne Tennis Championships Saturday and was on best man duty at my friend’s wedding.
Admittedly I had some big ‘pre speech’ nerves but loved it when I got going.
I find with most things that it’s the thought of something that’s the worst.
The anticipation, the second guessing what’s going to happen, the overthinking.
Most of us do it day in day out.
For some it’s a slight inconvenience and for others it stops them from doing what they want to do.
Many are scared of the thought of starting exercise, going to their first gym session/class.
I exercise every week for physical gains of course I do but the power of exercise in terms of improving your mental health is second to none.
It gives you confidence, lowers stress, it’s even a great distraction from your stresses.
If you want to exercise in a safe, judge free, friendly environment then why not fill in this form and I can get you started safely. It’s not as big and scary as you may think!
Have a good day,
Jamie Stedman
PS You can try a small group training session for free during July to see if you like it. You just need to fill out the form above.
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