I’ve Fallen Off The Wagon

I’m back from my little venture to Oviedo (Northern Spain)
Like I said before I was seeing it as a much needed break, which it was.
I feel terrible after it
Routine was out of the window, not too much exercise was done and my diet was all over the shop!
The food there was fantastic, I definitely made the most of the local delicacies.
There was beer, bread and cheese which has bloated me right up!
But I’m not panicking as I know how to quickly get myself back on the wagon!
I thought maybe you’d like to know so you can use these quick steps to get yourself back on track after a holiday or any periods off track.
5 Steps To Get Back On Track
1. Up water intake (around 3 litres a day)
2. Lay off the carbs (less than 100g a day and stay away from bread and pasta)
3. A good bit of light exercise 
4. Base meals around protein and healthy fats
5. Eat a tonne of green veg!
A few days of that and I’ll be feeling good again in no time!
Where people go wrong is they leave it too long and before they know it they’ve put on half a stone!
Nip it in the bud early and damage will be minimal.
Jamie ‘Back On It’ Stedman
PS If you want to know more about how I help my clients and how I could potentially help you then click reply and we can arrange a free consultation.
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