My American Adventure

Yo yo,
I’m back from 10 days in Orlando, Florida.
10 days of regular exercise and healthy natural foods.
I feel amazing!
I had an awesome time but my body maybe wouldn’t agree.
In that environment it’s pretty tough to stay on track.
I walked at least 10 miles a day and only drank water all holiday other than 2 beers which is the positive.
Foodwise I ate a fair share of ‘junk’ some through choice and some as there was nothing else to eat.
I won’t delve into the gory details of everything I ate which wasn’t good  but what I will say is during and afterwards:
– I felt bloated
– My skin didn’t feel good
– Had a load of headaches
– Felt tired
– Felt sluggish
This is what food does to us, some people think that feeling like that is normal!
If so then you need to try a couple of weeks of good eating and a little exercise and see how much better you can feel every single day.
This equates to a much better life.
If you want to ditch those feelings then I have a range of options for you ranging from £25-£250 a month, fill out this form and I can point you in the right direction.
Have a good week,
Jamie ‘Junk Food’ Stedman
PS After 3 days of healthy eating and getting back into training I almost feel back to normal
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