My Biggest Worry About Joining The Slimming Club

If you want a bit of inspiration to change then have a little read about what Marie has had to say since joining the slimming club.
‘My biggest worry about joining slimming club was the risk of wasting my time and money, I have an underactive thyroid and I didn’t think I’d be able to lose weight at all.
On my first week of the diet I lost 6 lbs and am now currently 2lbs short or losing 2 stone.
I like the feeling of camaraderie, friendship and real support and advice!
The health benefits from this diet are huge and I am feeling so much better since I started.
Other benefits are that I feel stronger and do more than I used to.
I do recommend this slimming club whole heartedly as I gave said it’s not only weight loss, its also health changing all done in a supported, friendly way.
All I can say is thank you for making a huge difference to my life.
Yours truly,
I run this club in Llanelli for weight loss guru Richard Clarke.
It takes place 6:30pm every Wednesday at my studio in Bynea. It’s £25 to join and you get all of your cookbooks, educational book and first 4 classes with that and you need to fill out this form:
If you want to see some life changing results then take the first step and fill out the form, you’ve got nothing to lose!
Have a great week,
Jamie Stedman
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