My New Gym

As you know I train out of my private little studio over in sunny Bynea, Llanelli.
When first starting out I had the choice of going into a public gym (paying extortionate rent to them) and working there or I could set up on my own.
I did think long and hard about this at the time and decided to go it on my own and set up.
I’ve been in my current studio since late 2012 and am now taking the next step in moving to a bigger studio at the same location, it’s taken some hard work to get to this so I’m well happy as they say!
Another little step for the business in the right direction 🙂 a bit more space and some shiny new weights for clients to have a go on.
My clients much prefer the private setting.
I’ve spoken in the past about gyms being a daunting place, what I offer is nice and quiet, no muscley guys with fake tan or no selfie posers!
Just a judge free zone to relax (ish), learn a bit more and exercise in the most effective way possible.
All being well the new studio will be open next week!
If you want to train in a private facility and get expert advice then one of my personal training packages or small group training plans could be right for you:
That’s all for now folks!
Jamie Stedman
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