My New Toy

I’ve been shopping.
I bought myself a Garmin Vivofit, it’s basically a fitbit.
They’re all the rage these days, every man and his dog seems to have one.
They track steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep the lot. A cool bit of kit.
I just sort of assumed due to my job that I’m active enough but thought I would look for sure at just how much I move during the day. in 90% of my sessions I tell people what to do rather than do it myself.
I’ve found my daily steps vary widely day to day, I’ve had days where I’ve only hit 6000 and some days where I’ve hit 20,000. The government guidelines encourage you to aim for at least 10,000 steps a day.
Are these things just novelties?
I don’t know how long they’ll be popular for but I personally think they’re great. Not everyone needs them, you can get apps on your phone for free to do the same thing if you didn’t want to spend money on them.
it’s made even me more aware of my movements, since having it I’ve walked to work a few times rather than driving. On my breaks rather than sitting down I move a bit more.
Sit on your ass all day and it’s going to grow!
A sedentary lifestyle is the most dangerous lifestyle you can lead. 
Sedentary behavior is linked with not just obesity but a host of MAJOR LIFE THREATENING health problems.
Whether it’s a fitness DVD, getting a dog, joining a gym or getting a fitbit that gets you moving more every day then you should do it.
And also don’t be so arrogant to think what you do (or don’t do) now won’t affect you in later life, it will.
If you want me to give you a kick up the ass to get you moving then fill out this form and I’ll be in touch with all of my many options to get you fitter and healthier (without breaking the bank)
Jamie ‘on the move’ Stedman
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