One Of The Biggest Factor That Makes Or Breaks Weight Loss

What do you think?
I get my clients to fill out food diaries to see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
For the honest ones who fill it in properly it’s often things like crisps, bread, chocolate, ice cream, pizza which they go wrong with.
The thing is they’re eating these things at home, which means they are buying them!
How you shop has such an effect on your eating.
In order to stick to your weight loss plan then you need to be ruthless. When you’re shopping just buy the things that you know go along with your plan. Yes you can have treats but plan them.
If there’s a big bag of crisps or bar of chocolate in the house, chances are you’re going to be tempted and it’s going to be eaten. Then you feel rubbish!
If you know it’s going to make you feel like that don’t buy it.
So to help you today I’m giving you a quick shopping list of things that you should have in your house if you want to keep following a healthy diet plan.
Extra lean mince – chicken – steak – tuna – cod – bacon – salmon – mackerel – eggs
Broccoli – asparagus – cauliflower – lettuce – tomatoes – onions – celery – leeks – garlic – peppers – spinach – cucumber – avocado
Blueberries – apples – bananas – grapefruit – raspberries – strawberries – melon
Potatoes – sweet potatoes – brown rice – basmati rice – quinoa – rice noodles – porridge oats
Greek yogurt – seeds – nuts – dark chocolate –
Coconut oil – extra virgin olive oil – balsamic vinegar – big selection of herbs and spices
So making sure you’re stocked up on a lot of the above will make sticking to your plan so much easier.
It’s all about the planning!
That’s all you’ve got to do then is eat it!
Jamie ‘Shop Right’ Stedman
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