Our Future Is At Risk

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Usual Wednesday morning email!

Must admit it’s been a hectic few days so just got a quick email to you. I could have left it due to time but I’m fully committed to providing you (hopefully) good reading material to go with your Wednesday morning healthy 😉 breakfast!

My laptop decided to pack in! So that’s been sent off for repairs. So I’m writing this on one I’ve borrowed.

I’ve been on a great course for the last two days learning about the effects of exercise for Ante and Post Natal women, particularly those with a higher BMI. Really enjoyed it and a great qualification to have once it’s all come through.

Did you know that over 50% of women giving birth are overweight/obese (not because of the baby weight!)??

It’s crazy statistics and if nothing is done I genuinely fear for the future generations.

If babies are being born obese then they’re off to a pretty terrible start with regards to their health.

20 of us have got trained up with the plan being to work in the community with mothers to be to raise awareness on the benefits of exercise while pregnant plus the drawbacks and risks to being inactive and unhealthy during pregnancy.

Learnt some pretty cool stuff about exercises to do (particularly core exercises) in the post (after) natal period too to help return the mother to where they were before the pregnancy. The abdominal muscles become separated and in some instances a massive tear is created which can be hard to recover from. So if any of you readers have any questions about that fire away.

This is the future we are talking about so it’s good that something (although small to start) is being done.

In a world with the most gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists, diet clubs and information available this is the worst and fattest we have ever been.

This really is a growing problem (pardon the pun)!

Do your bit and keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Catch you later in the week,


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