Our Weekend Of Cooking

How often do you eat out?
When I was younger eating out used to be a real treat.
Now it seems the norm.
Every occasion calls for it:
– Celebrating
– Commiserating
– Boredom
There’s so many restaurants to choose from and tempt us.
One positive is there are many more healthy options when eating out now¬† so you no longer have to chose between eating out or ‘being good’. You can do both.
But more often than not a meal out brings bigger portions, maybe 1-2 courses extra and you lose control, it may sound healthy but the extra sauce, butter and sides may not make it as healthy as we think.
Not to mention the cost of eating out vs shopping and cooking.
What Emily and I have been doing is to try and save t for more occasions, so it feels like a treat again.
After a weekend of eating out 3 times last week we decided to have a nice weekend at home and cook.
No eating out!
We spent an extra £15-20 on what we already had in the house and had this weekend menu:
Courgette and carrot fritters with halloumi and poached egg
Spiced Caribbean sweet potato soup
Pad Thai
Pancakes with fresh fruit, nuts and Greek yoghurt
Homemade pizzas
Mince stuffed aubergines topped with halloumi and rocket
We made homemade chocolate orange ice cream!
We loved spending extra time cooking, the food was delicious, we saved ourselves at least £30 by not eating out at all.
It was also a much healthier weekend menu but still with plenty of treats to let us feel like we’ve had some weekend treats.
Win win!
We sat down earlier that week, went through recipe books and made a plan.
That’s where I see people fail the most is they don’t do the planning, leave it to chance, get caught short and end up turning to meals out or convenience food.
Food I’d say is one of the most enjoyable things in life.
I guarantee in the long run that good food is better and a treat vs cheap, processed rubbish.
What are you eating this weekend?
Take care,
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