Perfectly Pitched & Amazed By My Gains

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet
Well today actually someone else is
Had a lovely message from client Gareth as (unfortunately) his time with me is coming to an end
At Christmas his forward thinking wife decided to purchase him a months 1-1 membership with me, after a couple of sessions he decided to purchase the second month to follow straight after, that time is drawing to a close.
That’s a slight problem with the PT business model, the better job you do your clients become self sufficient and you stop getting paid 😉 
‘I feel like you have set me on my way and helped me think a lot more about my eating and training. A lifestyle change I was looking for and you have definitely helped me on the road and shown me the way. I have been amazed by my gains and each session has been pitched perfectly. I have already lost a stone and a half and I imagine I can shift a few more pounds in the final week of training’
Does everyone see results as good as this in two months, not always.
BUT it’s not uncommon.
I used to do a lot of work in a local gym, I’d induct members who are joining, some would do well and make some big changes and attend regular.
Some I would say maybe a couple of times a week and keep coming consistently, see slight fitness improvements but not much else.
Some I’d see for a week or two and then maybe once a month.
Many I’d never see again!
When people make a commitment to train with a trainer or as part of a group they attend more and 90% of the time they achieve more than going it alone.
What’s better value?
Paying £250-500 for a couple of months of personal training with a professional, losing a stone and a half, changing your eating habits, becoming more productive, have more energy, sleep better and become happier and healthier.
Paying £60 for a gym membership you never use or nearly as bad you use often and see ZERO results
I know which sounds better to me.
If you want to finally start seeing some results then why not fill out this form as your first step
I work with a whole range of clients but specialise in improving the health of people over 40s in Llanelli and the surrounding areas.
I’ve working with many a gym bunny, lycra overloaded and muscle clad male and females my age and below and seen some okay results but not as good as working with normal people, with normal goals.
Have a good week,
Jamie Stedman
PS Still got space on Saturday 10:30am for anyone wanting to attend my diet and nutrition seminar. It’s priced at just £10 (it’ll be at least triple that price next time I hold it) and will last around 2 hours and teach you how to make long term healthy nutritional changes.
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