Please Stop Wasting Your Time (Sit Ups & Cardio)


Here is a list of things that annoy me:

People snoring
No out of order signs on things which don’t work
The ending of the series LOST
Getting injured
Being late
Other people being late
Having my time wasted
I see people come in and out of the gym day in day out for years and stay in the exact same shape.
Something’s not right?
These people get up at 5-6am and get in their 60-90 min workout before work.
They’re trying so hard and seemingly doing everything right.
I know that diet is massive and if they eat crap then it’s going to be hard to get results but from an exercise perspective there’s plenty of improvements to be made.
Here are 3 quick changes to make to your workout if you’re not seeing results: 
1. Stop slaving over cardio machines – break up your boring 20-30 mins on treadmill, same on cross trainer, same on bike etc. crank up the intensity, try some interval training e.g. 30s sprint/run – 30s walk/jog and get double the results in half the time.
2. Stop doing ab work for a flat stomach – this doesn’t work. In order to get rid of that belly you need to do full body workouts, high intense cardio and more importantly eat a healthy diet.
3. Stop being scared of lifting heavy – this goes mainly to women but also to males. You aren’t going to ‘bulk up’ unless you really try. We can all benefit greatly by performing movements such as squats, shoulder press, chest press, dead lifts and pull ups with heavy weights. If you want a good physique you have to do this sort of work.
So there are 3 quick changes you can make to your workout to hopefully stop you wasting your precious time.
Catch you next week,
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