Positivity, Motivation & A Sense Of Accomplishment

Those are the words one of my clients Gareth used to describe how he feels after an early morning PT session.
Are you a morning trainer or an evening?
Exercising at whatever time is more important but I find personally the mornings are the best time to train.
Morning exercisers can be:
  • More productive during the day
  • Have more energy
  • Are more likely to attend (less time to talk themselves out of exercise)
  • Are more focussed with their diet
The best thing for me is by 7-8am my exercise for the day is done so you can relax in that respect.
As stated though as long as you’re moving your ass in some shape or form it doesn’t matter when you do it.
More from Gareth:
‘Exercise is such a great mood booster, & most definitely helps flush out not only the cobwebs, but thanks to the increased water intake all them yucky toxins get flushed away too. This helps to clear the mind & motivate you to make positive life changes’.
Couldn’t have said it better myself!
Gareth has seen some great results from changing his nutrition and exercise habits before we met but since we’ve been training together for around a year he’s gone from strength to strength. He’s the fittest he’s ever been and his diet is spot on. (I get jealous seeing all of his food posts).
He’s never missed a session and he works his ass off every time.
If you want to see results like Gareth and get the best advice on exercise and eating habits then I have many options for you ranging from £25 a month to the full package (like Gareth) at £250 a month. Just click reply and request more info.
Take it easy,
Jamie Stedman
PS Don’t take it too easy
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