Post Bank Holiday Plan

The summer had one more curve ball to throw at us in our attempts to be super fit and super healthy in the form of the bank holiday weekend.
Now that it’d done and kids are back in school next week things will start to settle back down.
The frustration for me is that people tend to think that’s there’s two options:
1. Be healthy and live a boring life
2. Be unhealthy and have fun
Aka be good or be bad.
It doesn’t have to be like this.
I’m very good during the week and I can also be very bad on the weekends! But I’m ‘good’ a lot more than I’m ‘bad’ which means that I’m healthy and happy and don’t feel like I’m missing out on things.
You see most people don’t need to be ‘bad’ all the time, many of my clients can be ‘good’ during the week and save their naughtiness for the weekend. This works really well, they also learn how to not be too ‘bad’ on the weekend so that they keep seeing results.
You can get the balance and when you do crack it you’ll love it.
My clients use many healthy ‘treat’ recipes form my cookbook which almost feel unhealthy! Perfect, especially on weekends.
So if you’ve had one final blow out last weekend here’s 3 quick tips to get you back into the swing of things.
1. Skip breakfast/have a low calorie day – If you’ve overdone it the night before skipping breakfast won’t kill you and have a lighter lunch. Then you can enjoy the evening more if you’re out and about.
2. Maintain Hydration – 2-3 litres every day
3. Stay Active – Get outdoors if you don’t make it to the gym. The weather is still pretty good on the whole.
Have a good week,
Jamie Stedman
PS We have spaces available for 1-1 training and there’s also a couple of spaces left in our small groups with a view to starting in September. You just need to fill out this form as your first step:


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