Q & A: Kettlebells, Muscle Building, The Best Time To Eat

Hey there,
As it’s Friday and I’m finally moving into my new house today it’s going to be a quick fire blog post.
I have plenty of packing and unpacking to do, nearly there though.
Also delighted to say my new business office is set up which shall hopefully make me much more productive so you should notice a difference over the next few months, new websites, more blog posts, a book, more online coaching options all to come this year and next. It’s going to be good!
Okay so without further ado here is a couple of questions that I was sent over the last week from Kristel:
‘Is kettle bells good for burning fat and toning, or does it end up bulking up muscle? A friend of a friend said she wished she’d lost some weight before she started kettle bells as she felt she’d got too muscly from it.’
Answer: I would firstly ask how long has she been doing kettlebells for and how often? I have been taking classes myself for around 3 years and unfortunately I wouldn’t say I’ve got ‘muscly from it’, gaining muscle isn’t easy and requires correct training and correct diet. Kettlebells although it does use weights is still a cardio class moreso than strength. But what could have happened which I see a lot is particularly women if following a bad diet and doing too much circuit type training can create an almost bulky look. 
A mix of weights, cardio alongside a healthy diet is the way to go.

‘Secondly, if doing a late evening exercise class (say 7pm) would it be best to have main meal at lunchtime and then just a light snack once home? I usually eat dinner before 5.30 each day, so not a fan of eating past this time.’

Answer: For me the most important thing is always what you eat not when you eat it. I know people who work nightshifts whose meal times are all over the place but still stay in shape. Evening exercise does pose that problem, what I would recommend is like you suggested have a good meal at lunchtime, 5:30 would be too close to exercise so maybe a snack (fruit and a few nuts) to get you through the exercise session if needed and then if you don’t like eating too late try and have your dinner post exercise but a small portion so it’s easier to digest that late in the day. That is the problem with exercising late but I’d always suggest eating after training because your body needs it to help grow and recover. 
Okay that’s all for now folks! Thanks for the questions and please keep them coming.
Back to my packing!
Jamie Stedman
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