Q & A Time: Carbs, Fit To Exercise, Low Fat Yoghurt

I haven’t done one of these for a little while.
It’s Friday am, the weather is improving and I know you’re busy so here goes:
Question: Am I allowed to eat carbs on your plans?
Answer: Cutting out a food group is a quickfire way of buggering up your progress, no carb, no fats may help you shift some weight short term but it’s not a long term approach. In my experience people who cut out carbs more often than not (firstly aren’t actually cutting out all carbs despite what they think) end up 1-2 weeks later going on a big sugar binge or demolish 2 tubes of pringles and a load of bread. Just get your quantities of the main food groups right (protein, fats and carbs) and you’ll have a sustainable way of eating.
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Question: Have I got to be fit to start in your groups?
Answer: As long as you have no contraindications to exercise (health problems which means exercise is unsafe) and your gp is happy for you to start then I can find you a place in the groups. I have different groups for people with all different ranges and will be looking to start some more groups in the future designed for people with health problems such as poor mobility, arthritis, high blood pressure to ease them up slowly and get them going. This will bring a massive positive health changes. To register your interest just fill out this form:
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Question: Can I eat low fat yoghurt as a treat?
Answer: No!! Donna wasn’t happy when I told her that last week, she was however happy when I followed it up with ‘you can have full fat Greek yoghurt’, not only as a treat but as a good breakfast option 3-4 times a week with some berries and or nuts. The low fat stuff strips out the healthy fats to reduce the calorie content and has to replace it with sugary nasties to make it palatable. Stick to the full fat stuff (milk, butter, yoghurt, coconut oil) for much healthier and tastier results.
Hope this helps answers some thing you may have been wondering about yourselves.
If you have a question you want answered by myself then just reply to this post and I’ll answer it in the next Q & A.
Have a great weekend.
I’m heading up to North Wales to do a giant inflatable obstacle course on water, should be interesting!
Jamie Stedman
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