Secure Your Place (Before It’s Too late)

How many of the following things would you like?
1. Be your target weight
2. Have bundles of energy
3. Sleep well
4. Feel healthy
5. Be less prone to illness 
6. Have a good body shape
7. To enjoy easy and healthy, home cooked meals
8. To be more body confident
I could name a fair few more too
All of the above happen when you have a healthy lifestyle and make sensible decisions.
If you eat a low quality diet, don’t exercise and don’t spend anytime outdoors you’re going to struggle to have even a single of the above.
We have malnourishment in the Western world these days, you think with all of the food and other things we have at our fingertips how can this possibly happen? But sadly it is the case.
People just don’t look after themselves and tell themselves that it’s okay.
‘What I do now won’t affect me in later life’
Being overweight causes many more problems than not looking as good as you’d like. It can be life threatening.
But help is at hand!
On Saturday the 10th of March at 10:30am (approx running time 2-2.5 hours) I’m running a diet and nutrition seminar where I am going to be showing you exactly how you can make long term sustainable changes to the way you eat so you can enjoy the finer things in life and the treats while staying on track.
Diet and nutrition is a minefield and there is so much contrasting and confusing info out there, so I’ve done the research and I’m picking out the best and most important things for you to focus on.
So for £10 (the price of a meal out) I guarantee I can make positive changes to your diet saving you pounds on the scale and a hell of a lot more to your life.
If you want to join me just click reply and say you want in and I’ll give you all the info.
Take care,
Jamie Stedman
PS 11 spaces remaining
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