Sexy Vegetables

Do they do it for you?
A study in the US has found that giving vegetables sexy names makes people more likely to eat their greens.
But does it work?
A university study found a sales increase of 25% on vegetables after using some raunchy labels!!
Sizzlin beans
Dynamite beets
Twisted citrus – glazed carrots
How does that sound? 😉
Different labels were used to measure the same dish at a university canteen each day for a whole academic term. The sexy names fared much better than your standard carrots, carrots with sugar free citrus dressing and smart choice vitamin c citrus carrots.
The food giants are brilliant at advertising and get us eating processed disgustingly made crap day in day out with their clever marketing.
Maybe it’s time the health industry fought back with their beautiful blueberries and sumptuous swedes.
When it comes to eating we are motivated by taste most of the time.
It reported that labeling it healthy was actually a turn off for some people as it is seen as boring and bland.
I mean every one in the UK knows we are supposed to eat plenty of fruit and veg yet we don’t, maybe labeling something as healthy isn’t enough and we do almost need to be sneaky and trick a lot of people into making healthier choices.
Everyone is different so it’s whatever turns you on really!
Have a good week my sweet potatoes!
Jamie Stedman
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