She Said I Was Too Expensive

I had an enquiry a little while back.
It was from a woman with a very ambitious goal who needed help.
I have to be honest I can’t remember her name so we’ll call her Sharon.
She was getting married in a few months time and wanted to lose 3-4 stone…
Already I’m thinking waw that’s ambitious but I tried to help her out never the less as I’m a big fan of helping people! I’ve also quite enjoyed working with people ‘pre big event’ as a lot of them are really focused and ready to kick some ass
So we went through the basics about training, times, types etc.
Then it was down to the make or break question ‘How much does it cost?’
Du, Du Duhhhh!
(Bearing in mind she wanted two one-one pt sessions a week)
So I told her…
Once she’d got back up from the chair she’d fallen off she said to me:
‘I was hoping for something around the £40 a month mark’
So a gym membership price for a high quality service!! No chance…
I gave her a few more affordable options, my small group training which does actually start at £40 a month but again this was no good for her. She seemed to think that she knew someone who does it cheaper.
If anyone is doing personal training sessions for that sort of price then I worry for them and I worry for what service the client is getting! I know it’s expensive but that is the nature of the business, it’s a life changing service so the price reflects that (or should do).
Long story short I never heard from her again.
Maybe she lost those few stone but unfortunately I doubt it.
She was one of those people who only focused on the price and that’s it.
I love it when I get a new client whose first question isn’t how much, it’s how can you help? How have you helped people like me before?
Yes times are hard but more often than not the cheapest option isn’t the best option.
There’s a reason why some things cost more than others.
I mean in terms of personal trainers I’m not the most expensive around by any stretch of the imagination, I base my prices around what I feel I can offer. As I have developed over the last few years my prices have gone up accordingly.
If you feel like you’ve wasted your time and money over the last few years in attempting to crack the weight loss/getting in shape conundrum and you want to try something tried and tested then check out the options I offer:
  1. One-one/small group training
  2. Online coaching
  3. Slimming club
Yes it’s more expensive than a gym membership but you’ll get a hell of a lot more for it in terms of value.
Hope to see you on the other side,
Jamie ‘If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’ Stedman
PS There is soon going to be extra sessions added for small group training (from £40 a month), if you’re interested in starting in any of the following classes (Monday 5pm & 6:30pm), Tuesdays 11am or Wednesdays at 5:30pm please fill out the application form, I’ll be in touch with the rest.
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