Should You Be Counting Calories?

Chances are if you’ve ever tried to lose weight then you know all about calories. Or have at least heard everyone banging on about them.
Calorie counting is a big thing and really does help some people lose weight.
The weight loss formula is:
If energy in (calories from food) is greater than energy out (calories burned) = Weight Gain
If energy out is greater than energy in = Weight Loss
That’s the rule and science suggests it does work, of course if you want to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit.
I’ll quickly tell you what a calorie is. A calorie is a measure of energy. We usually refer to calories as Kcal (kilocalories). One Kcal is the energy required to heat 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius.
Is it as simple as calories in vs calories out? The jury is out.
Here is my scenario:
A lady burns a total of 1800 calories a day through working, exercising etc. she then consumes 1600 calories through eating salad, chicken, fish and vegetables through the day. She has created a 200 calorie deficit which is going to point to weight loss.
Another lady burns a total of 2000 calories in one day and then consumes 1800 calories through eating a kitkat chunky, bowl of chips, piece of toast with cheese, a pizza slice and some ice cream, she has created a 200 calorie deficit which suggests she is going to lose weight, but will she have the same results as the first person?
Just looking at the figures you would say yes but I just can’t believe that’s true.
Is a calorie just a calorie?
Will you get the same results from eating 100 calories of carrots compared to 100 calories of cake?
Of course you won’t there is a tonne of goodness in the carrots whereas the cake may taste nice but it’s just basically empty calories which will lead to storing fat. Also what will fill you up more? What will give you more energy? What will affect your long term health more?
Fibre is important and fills us up, the healthier foods like nuts and veg will have more fibre in which will keep us full for longer compared to the processed foods.
This is my problem with calorie counting because I think there is more to it.
Would you get the same results if you ate 1500 calories of protein compared to 1500 calories of fat a day? Both would be dangerous as you need to balance out your intake of macronutrients but of course you wouldn’t have the same results.
Our body requires energy to process all of the food that comes into the body, generally the body uses more energy to process protein than carbs, and more energy is needed to process carbs than fat. So effectively a protein diet adds fewer calories to the body than carbs and carbs add more than fat.
Not all calories are created equal.
That’s why I’m not really into the calorie counting diets.
There’s so much more to nutrition than calories in vs calories out.
Don’t starve yourself and focus on high density nutritious foods which will nourish the body.
Food for thought over the weekend.
Have a great one,
Jamie Stedman
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