Statins Linked To Heightened Diabetes Risk

Good news and bad news.
Good news is people are starting to become more aware of the harm that many of these drugs are doing to our body
Bad news is due to our over prescribing culture we have so many people taking statins (often for life) at an increased risk of type ll diabetes
Statins are mainly used to help lower our ‘high and dangerous’ levels of cholesterol
The study which I was reading about was however testing people who were already at risk of diabetes (due to being overweight/obese), adding statins into the mix then increased their chances of becoming diabetic
It was a 36% increased risk versus the non statin prescribed group which is a big jump up!
I would never suggest ignoring your GP and stop taking your meds but a bit of healthy cynicism towards all things we are told to take I do advise.
Through my own personal training program and my legend of a mentor Richard Clarke and his slimming club we both promote clean healthy living.
Doing this in a natural way should mean that you on paper should not need to take so many medications (we have even known some to come off their meds completely) and your body can be healthy naturally.
That’s something to aim for right?
Especially as many of these meds make weight loss really damn hard!
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Have a great healthy weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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