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Last Saturday I hosted our first full seminar held at the gym in Bynea, Llanelli.
It was a highly interactive two and a half hour seminar all based around ‘diet’ (way of eating) and nutrition.
As I made clear at the start of the class, majority of people know what’s healthy and what’s not yet we still have an obesity epidemic on our hands.
What does this say?
Our mindsets are wrong, our way of life is killing us.
I loved the session and good news if you couldn’t make it I’ll be doing more in future.
BTW (by the way for those not down with the kids) if you have any suggestions on new seminar/workshop topics then your feedback is greatly appreciated.
The main thing I took from the workshop is where people are going wrong:
– Portion sizes
– Lack of sleep
– Poor planning
– Not shopping efficiently
– Emotional eating (stress, boredom, angry…)
That’s all many people need is someone (professional) to look at what they’re doing wrong and make a few tweaks, for most that’ll be enough to see some real changes.
If you are in need of that and would be a lot more comfortable (insert weight) lighter then fill out this form. We have nutrition only options or nutrition and exercise options:
For those of you action seekers who want to get your teeth into a bit of exercise then I have slots available for immediate starts in some of my groups. It’s £40-80 a month for your sessions and you’ll be in a group of 3-5, you also get meal plan and nutrition feedback throughout.
Mondays – 7:30am (2 spaces), 9:05am (2 spaces)
Tuesdays – 7:00pm (1 space)
Thursdays – 6:30pm (2 spaces)
Fridays – 8:30am (1 space)
Have a tip top week,
Jamie Stedman
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