That Was Quick! (One Space Left)

Had a great reaction to the small group training classes I’m going to be running out from my gym in Bynea.
If you missed it they are going to be in groups of 3-4 (people similar age and exercise experience) and will take place on a Tuesday night at 5:30pm, 6:15pm and 7:00pm starting on Tuesday 16th May.
I’m well happy to say that the first two slots are booked up and there’s just one space left at the 7:00pm slot. So if you’re interested you better get your gluteus maximum (bum muscle) in gear and reserve your space!
Why do it?
I’m starting doing it to give people something different.
Something they need.
You get the social interaction of a fitness class or gym session but without getting lost in the masses.
It’s small groups, it’s personal and you get much more guidance and what to do and how to do it.
How many of you have stood at the back of an exercise class packed with people thinking ‘what the heck am I doing’??
It’s not nice and it’s very common.
I’m doing it differently.
No big mirrors
No large groups
No feeling lost or embarrassed
You also get access to my nutrition plans and guidance along the way to help get into better shape (ready for the summer)
I’m going to be running the courses in 12 week blocks and the cost is £120 – double what you’d pay for a gym class but about 5 times more value for money! 
Grab that last space by messaging me today!
Have a great weekend,
Jamie Stedman
PS I will be looking to be running more small group sessions soon so if you’ve missed out on this one then drop me a message with a time and day that suits you and I’ll see what I can do. Evenings are more or less booked up so it would most likely be morning and daytimes.
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