The Best Way To Combat Mental Health Problems

Recent research has found that one in three fit (formerly known as sick) notes handed out by GPs are for psychiatric problems.
This makes mental health problems the most common reason that people are off work.
Pretty staggering.
Notes relating to anxiety and stress have risen by 14% in the last year!
This is an absolute huge problems and it can affect everyone.
From your supermarket worker to your nurse to your global super rock star, it has the potential to change every persons life.
Another downside is the time it affects people for. Say Joe breaks his leg he may be off work for 3 months but then he is back, if Joe suffers from stress and anxiety/depression he could be off for 3 months (or longer) then back for a couple of weeks, off again, back for a week, it can go on and on if not managed properly.
How to deal with it is the biggest challenge.
There’s unfortunately no miracle cure where you pop a pill and it’s gone forever, it’s a case of managing it.
One of the number one ways to deal with mental health problems is (have a guess)…
You got it
Good old bloody exercise
For an added bonus top up your vitamin D levels and exercise outdoors.
Light cardio can have the best impact, it improves your feelings of self worth, gives something else to focus on and all of the feel good endorphins you get from exercise work their magic.
This isn’t a fad, it really does help.
It may not take the physical stress away but it can make you stronger physically as well as mentally to deal with it.
If you’re struggling and need some help making that first step towards changing your life for the better then just drop me a line and I can show you how.
I’ve helped many people over the last few years deal with a variety of mental health problems and have seen first hand the wonders exercise can have.
Have a good day,
Jamie Stedman
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