The Dark Side Of Losing Weight & Getting Healthy

Usually I’m telling you how exercising a bit more and cleaning up your diet will reap amazing rewards.
Well this week I’m telling you about all of the quite substantial drawbacks of getting healthier, it’s quite a list;
1. You May Get Promoted – Getting healthier means you become more productive and focused potentially leading to increased career opportunities.
2. You See Less Of The Evening – You will start going to bed at a reasonable time and will no longer get to watch awful TV because you can’t sleep.
3. You Get Up Early – Yep, you may not lay in as much or hit snooze as you will be refreshed from your good night’s sleep
4. You Need a New Wardrobe – Yep, you’ve lost a lot of weight and your clothes no longer fit!
5. You May Sign Up To Something Stupid – Many people have been known to sign up to events such as race for life, tough mudders and marathons as a result of their new found fitness.
6. You Don’t Sit Down As Much – You’ll find much more enjoyable and active things to do rather than sitting down on the sofa.
7. You Go On Holiday – With your new promotion and lease of life (as well as not feeling embarrassed about your body) you may decide to book a holiday
8. You Have To Cook – Sorry but you do lose time in the kitchen being healthy as you now eat real food
9. You Meet More Like Minded People – Your social circle expands and you have to try and fit in the new friends you’ve made through your healthier life
10. You Stop Enjoying The Food You Used To Love – Sorry but many clients note that the junk food they used to eat tastes horrible. Uh oh! Proper good food packed with goodness for you
So just be wary!
If you still want to take the risk and want to know how to start on this dangerous path go here:
Jamie Stedman
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