The Downside Of Losing Weight & Getting Healthier

What do you think about this, any ideas?
And also you must be thinking why am I advertising people against doing something I get paid to do!
All will be revealed.
I know full well that all this get healthy and lose weight jazz isn’t for all.
If it was then we wouldn’t have an obesity and health crisis like we do in the UK!
So what are the downsides of losing weight and getting healthier?
To the uneducated the barriers of starting positive changes are:
– No time to exercise
– Can’t afford it
– Don’t have the energy
– Don’t know what to do
– Don’t like sweating
– Don’t like wearing Lycra
– Don’t want everyone to stare at them in the gym
Some valid reasons, some which are just exercise myths.
In my experience in the fitness industry here is my list of the main drawbacks to losing weight and getting healthier:
1. You Need To Buy A New Wardrobe 
That’s about it really.
I can’t think of any major disadvantaged to losing weight (if you do it the right way and have a sensible approach)
A few clients of mine have had to shell out a bit of extra cash to buy new clothes after they’ve lost some serious weight.
Do they mind?
Absolutely not. They love it!
If you’re sick of buying bigger clothes that you don’t feel uncomfortable in and want to drop a couple of clothes sizes and feel and look good again then you need to do something about it.
I write every week about new hints and tips to get you a bit healthier, some of you action it whereas many of you just read and do nothing about it.
Intention isn’t enough.
If you need some help taking action then click reply and say FORM I’ll send you a form to fill over in return to give me a bit more info about you and offer some solutions to help.
It could well be one of the best things you ever do!
Have a good weekend,
Jamie Stedman
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