The Great Outdoors (Why We Need Sun)

What a difference a week makes, storm Gareth has calmed down and spring seems in full flow.
The sun has been shining, longer evenings and an increase in temperature.
I’ve even started wearing shorts again which is the best thing for me!
I spent last weekend walking all around the Gower making the most of the weather, perfect.
Being outdoors does so much good.
Benefits of regular sunlight:
1. Kills bad bacteria
2. Improves skin disorders
3. Lowers bad cholesterol
4. Can lower blood pressure
5. Builds the immune system
6. Helps with depression
Plus a whole lot more!
We can now start looking towards most people’s favourite time of year which is the summer.
I say most.
If you aren’t in the shape you desire the summer can be a very horrible time.
– Covering up at the beach due to embarrassment
– Sweating all the time
– Not confident enough to go in the pool
– Not fit enough to play with kids/grandkids in the park
The list goes on.
If you’re suffering from any of the above then you have two options.
Accept it and live in the shade or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
Eating a few healthy meals and going for a walk is a good place to start.
If you’re really serious then joining one of my Revitalise 1-1 or small group training memberships is the way to go.
We’ve just added a small group slot on a Monday evening at 6:20pm and a Wednesday morning at 8:10am, there’s 3 spaces left in each group if you want to jump on it. You just have to fill this form in to get the ball rolling:
Have a great day,
Jamie Stedman
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