The Healthiest Hearts In The World

A study has been conducted to find the healthiest hearts in the world and they have been found right here in the UK with USA coming second!
I am pulling your leg of course!
The healthiest hearts belong to a group of people in Bolivia called Tsimane.
The study showed that barely any of the people there (even into old age) showed any evidence of clogged up arteries.
These people are pretty old school, they live like our ancestors in the hunter gatherer days. Farming and fishing for their food.
Their diet was made up of wild pig, freshwater fish, foraged fruit and nuts and a large proportion of rice, maize and manoic root and plantains (similar to sweet potatoes and bananas).
They do follow a high carbohydrate diet which I don’t usually recommend but they get theirs from natural sources rather than pringles and chocolate bars!
They were also far more active than our good selves here in the UK, even the over 60s average over 15,000 steps every day. Most people here don’t get near this sadly.
By the age of 75 two thirds of Tsimane people show no sign of coronary artery calcium (we don’t want this) in the blood vessels, this is compared to 80% Americans of the same age who do!
I think this is a great little study.
It shows just how much we’ve buggered ourselves up!
For me it proves that the further away we’ve come from our ancestors the more problem we’ve created for our health.
These people have a simple way of life, they don’t smoke, they eat natural fresh food and they’re active every day. 
It’s unrealistic for the Western world to go back to these days but what you can do is look after yourself.
You are in control, but if you need a little help then it is out there.
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Have a good weekend
Jamie ‘The Greatest Wealth Is Health’ Stedman
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