Time To Think Outside Of The Cereal Box

I was a little behind watching it but last week I watched a show on BBC looking into diet, nutrition and the UK’s obesity crisis.
The show followed celeb chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and I believe it’s called Fat Fight, it’s 3 parts.
The first episode heavily focussed on our number 1 breakfast choice for all the family good old Cereal!
Isn’t it just brilliant that we can pour it out of a packet, into a bowl, add some milk, it takes 10 seconds and we can call it a meal, fantastic…
It also tastes great which is even better.
And to many people they believe it’s a healthy option.
The clever little food manufacturers like saying things such as high in fibre, packed with protein (don’t tell you it’s because of the milk you have it with) and much more.
How many of you look at the traffic light system?
They should be on most food labels, it’s not perfect but I think it’s a good idea and allows people to make quick decisions.
Kellogs and Nestle refuse to use this system on their cereal products, I mean why would they want to advertise this stuff is packed full of sugar and rubbish for us if they aren’t made to?
They’re also sneaky and in a lot of the food labelling it is based around a 30g portion which I can safely say is less than what 90% of people put in their cereal bowls.
BTW I’m not just talking about coco pops here, pretty much every cereal, yes that includes Weetabix.
You’ll get about the same amount of goodness from eating the box it comes in!
One big thing from watching this is that this is the start to the day parents are giving their children, sugar and no nutrition, it’s no wonder some kids are so hyper (and have a bad teeth).
So let’s start thinking about things more and find the time to make breakfast better than cereal or toast.
Ideas (yes they take a little longer but don’t worry you’ll live longer for making the change):
1. Eggs – scrambled, poached, boiled – even if you did have it with toast then it’s better than toast on it’s own
2. Greek yoghurt & Fruit – Full fat please
3. Healthy Pancakes – Batch cook them, the kids will love them
4.Fruit & Veggie Smoothies
There’s plenty you can do and it doesn’t have to mean cooking for an hour every morning.
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Take care,
Jamie Stedman


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