Train The Same, Remain The Same

Have you ever noticed that most of the people you see in the gym look the same all the time?
How? They are there at 6am every morning slogging away on the treadmills, bikes, rowers and cross trainers.
You see here is the thing (if this is you don’t take offence, read on)
Now lets get this clear, if you like going to the gym for the social side of it, get out the house or are happy with your body shape and just want to maintain then keep doing what you’re doing. It’s good for you!
But for those who want results and specifically improve body shape then you need to be training with direction.
Not just aimlessly going from one machine to the next (with chatting and looking at your phone during/in between) until you get bored and go home.
The most important aspects of a workout:
– Intensity
– Choice of exercises 
– Weights used
– Amount of reps and sets 
– Rest in between
How long you’re in the gym does not matter (within reason), it’s what you do with your time.
I know people at my local gym who can spend anywhere up until 3 hours on their gym session and they don’t change!
3 Things To Add To Your Workouts
Make your cardio more intense – don’t just go through the motions 10-15 mins on each machine. Try some sprints on the treadmill (if appropriate) or some high intense intervals on the rower
Include heavy weights and compound lifts – try adding deadlifts, squats, rows and shoulder press to your workouts with challenging weights and watch your body shape change and your strength improve.
Leave your phones in the locker – Stop wasting time, get your training done and get home. There’s plenty of other places I’d rather be than in the gym. My workouts (and clients) are 45 mins, not too daunting or time consuming but plenty of time for a great session.
If you need a bit more help with your workout program then I have a range of very affordable options to suit you. You just need to fill out this quick form:
Now go and plan your next workout!
Jamie Stedman
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