Want A Solution To Weight Loss? Here’s Your Answer

I’ve been working with Richard Clarke for around 10 years.
He’s a fellow PT and Health Coach, he really does know his stuff.
He works in the Swansea area, last year Rich started  his own slimming club to try and address people’s eating problems (long term).
When he wanted to start a club in Llanelli and for me to run it, it was a no brainer for me!
We’ve been operating out of Felinfoel Church Hall every Wednesday evening since last September, results have been brilliant so far and I just want to spread the word to help more people.
This is all the info you need about why Rich started the groups, how it works and what you get:
I’m going to get straight to the point.
I want to change the way you approach slimming.
I would like to show you exactly what my new slimming club is all about, and you won’t have to risk a penny.
I think it’s only fair that you see UPFRONT what to expect when you join.
So here is a code for you to trial a class, to see if you like it.  (USE CODE: RCSC5)
Fill out this form to claim your trial class:
I started the slimming club because I’m fed up of seeing people struggle just because they
are following the wrong advice.
It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in, if the plan is wrong you will always be
destined to fail.
I have nothing against other slimming clubs, after all they work for so many people.  At the same time as helping, it’s fair to say they also give out some bum information and bad advice, and this is what I would like to fix.
To give you an idea of what goes on in class, we have a chat about nutrition, give you tips
and tools to help you lose weight fast, and we have a weigh in at the end.
We eat normal meals the whole family can enjoy, and have over 300 recipes for you to
choose from, and we have meal plans and recipes suitable for vegetarians.
Meals include: Shepherds pie, curries, turkey burgers, fish cakes, meatballs, kebabs, soups, salads, cookies, muffins, brownies, pate, onion bhaji. (over 300 delicious recipes to choose from, its all wheat and gluten free and we have vegetarian friendly plans).
*No sins.
*No confusing points systems or counting calories.

*No low fat or sweetener filled foods.

*No shakes, bars or products to buy.

*No weighing and leaving.

*No announcing results or clapping (unless you want to).

*No starving before weigh in’s and going for a Chinese afterward.
Locations, Days, Times and Costs:
Leader: Marilyn Hawkins
Day: Wednesday’s
Time: 12.30pm, 5.45pm (MEN ONLY), 6.30pm, 7.10pm
Location: Phoenix Way, Llansamlet Enterprise Zone
*TESCO Community Room, Llansamlet*
Leader: Marilyn Hawkins
Day: Friday’s
Time: 12pm – 3pm (MIXED – Men and Women), Drop-In
Location: Tesco, Llansamlet Enterprise Zone
Leader: Jayne George
Day: Mondays
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Adventist Church Hall, Sketty Cross
*Felinfoel Church Hall*
Leader: Jamie Stedman
Day: Wednesday’s
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Felinfoel Church Hall
*The Purple Badger Llanrhidian*
Leader: Marilyn Hawkins
Day: Thursday’s
Time: 6pm
Location: Llanrhidian Holiday Park.
Cost:  4-Week-Pass £25, plus you receive a hand book and a starter pack. Or get
our special offer and sign up for a 12-Week-Pass for £65 and save £10.
If you just want to “see what it’s all about” and have a closer look, it won’t cost you a penny.
To get a trial class with zero risk, and start your slimming success, fill out this form:
1.  You may try one free class to see if you like it.
2.  You need to complete a form to qualify.
3.  Check for availability, especially at busy times like January, February, April & September.
4.  With the “see if you like it” trial, there is no guaranteed of a place.  To be guaranteed
a space after your free trial, we recommend paying in advance, and if after trying a class
you decide its not for you, we will happily refund every penny.
So what do you think?
If you want to join Gloria who lost 35 lbs or Marie who lost 12 lbs in her first 3 weeks (after failing to lose weight in 8 years) then you just need to fill out a form.
What have you got to lose? Other than a bit of weight.
Jamie Stedman
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