Want To Know What’s Stopping You From Losing Weight?

I know a large number of my readers sign up for my emails/read my articles as they are unhappy with their body shape.
I mean how many people out there are 100% happy with their body?
A minimal amount.
I’m not, I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be.
So that means that many of you will want to learn more about ways which could help you drop a few pounds and some body fat.
I often get asked some really in depth nutritional questions from people trying to lose weight, they get way too into it. That’s all the majority of people need to do is improve their self control, cut out the junk food, eat more greens and control carbohydrate intake.
If you can do all of this (not just for 1 week) and you still aren’t losing any weight then it needs to be looked at more in depth.
The last thing I mentioned is what I’m going to talk about today.
Simply put if you over consume on carbs then them scales ain’t going to shift!
If you have toast/cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta/rice/potatoes for dinner and you’re trying to lose weight then you’re going to struggle I’m sorry.
If you’re more active and leaner you can get away with eating more carbs. As a general rule you should eat more on active days.
So if you’re trying to lose weight (like most people are) then you need to watch your intake.
Yes wholegrain options are better than your normal white versions but that doesn’t mean problem solved. You still need to watch what you’re eating.
You can still have bread, cereal, pasta, rice potatoes but watch your portion sizes, it’s so easy to pile on the carbs.
Also try and not have them all on one day. If you’re having pasta/potatoes for dinner then have a high protein and fat breakfast (eggs and bacon) and a low carb lunch (salad/soup with protein).
A high carb breakfast on it’s own like cereal or toast is going to send your insulin levels soaring which puts your body into fat storing mode. All of those carbs will be quickly converted into sugar which will lead to you storing it as fat and feeling tired and lethargic soon when the inevitable crash happens. Not to mention you may feel fat, bloated and dependant on sugar for the whole day.
The more insulin you have in your body the more fat you’re going to store. A lower carb diets means less insulin which will make it easier to lose weight.
I know carbs are delicious and easy to eat a tonne of but it depends on how serious you are about getting to your ideal weight?
If it’s worth savings the crisps, chocolate and ice cream for a treat on the weekend then do it.
How much do you really want it?
Good luck,
Jamie Stedman
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