Wedding Time

I thought I’d share a little Friday feel good story.
Around 3 months ago I got a call from a lovely lady called Simone.
She knew exactly what she wanted, which was to look and feel great for her wedding.
Simone was by no means overweight and I could see she was physically fit from session one but she wanted the classic ‘toned’ approach.
Her current exercise habits consisted of plenty of fitness classes and a lot of high intensity (HIT) work.
One thing which was jumping out at me that she was missing in her training was some proper resistance work, basically heavy weights.
So just once a week we did a strength session for 12 weeks.
Coupled with Simone’s serious will power and focus with her eating, she’s of Italian heritage and has gone 12 weeks without pasta!!! Simone is now 10 pounds lighter, a damn sight stronger, has lost inches off her body and has said ‘she feels 100% ready and how she wanted to look’.
Focus is everything, if you don’t feel that strongly about your goals then more often than not you’ll keep putting it off and off and never get round to completing them. If your goal is powerful like:
– getting married
– desperate to look good for the holidays
– need to lose weight for an operation
– want to stay healthy for your family and loved ones
Then you’re much more likely to achieve it, make yourself accountable and make a start.
So the big day is tomorrow for Simone so I just want to wish her luck and say well done.
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What have you got to lose?
Have a good weekend,
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