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As you may or may not know I run a women’s only slimming club every Wednesday evening in felinfoel church hall, llanelli.
I run this slimming club alongside my good friend and weight loss guru richard Clarke. I’ve worked with richard for 10 years and have a lot to thank him for. January 2016 he started his first slimming club in llansamlet and it has already grown to 6 clubs, changing many women’s weights, healths and lives.
What we do is promote a natural way of eating and living. Giving the body what it wants all year round, not just for a few weeks of the year and then return to bad habits.
I’ve been up and running in felinfoel for a year now and I’ve decided to relocate.
I’m heading up to my private studio in bynea starting at the end of September. We begin at 6:30pm every Wednesday, there’s a nice big car park and a nice reception room to have a chat before and after class 🙂
– we don’t weight or share results in front of class
– we don’t count calories 
– we don’t eat processed foods
– we don’t cut out carbs 
– we eat full fat foods 
– we gave recipes like curries and burger and chips!
– we do require some effort on your part
– we do make life changing changes (if you stick to it)
So if you’re sick of jumping from diet to diet and just want to find a healthy way of eating for life then now is a great time to start at the new venue.
You just need to fill out this form and show up on Wednesday, if it’s not for you then you can leave free of cost.
Let me know if you have any questions,
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